‘Ghostbusters’ Actress Leslie Jones Had Trouble Finding A Designer To Dress Her For The Premiere

The premiere of the Ghostbusters reboot is a couple of weeks away, and all of the leading ladies are starting to prepare. Comedian Leslie Jones plays one of the lead characters in the film, and she’s a cast member on Saturday Night Live; but finding a designer to dress her for the red carpet was harder than it should’ve been. “It’s so funny how there are no designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for [the] movie,” Jones explained on Twitter. “Hmmm that will change and I remember everything.”


After Jones voiced her frustration, Christian Siriano stepped in and applied for the job with a few emojis. “I love Leslie and can’t wait to make her something fabulous to wear,” Siriano told The Hollywood Reporter in an e-mail. “Hopefully I will see her in my studio this week to make something new and exciting. I dress and support women of all ages and sizes.”


On the other hand, there are stylists who argue that the problem has nothing to do with her size.”It’s pure economics,” celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang told The Hollywood Reporter. “When you’re a designer, sitting with your accountant, you have to think about how much it costs to create a sample. No one ever does a variety of sizes. No one has those resources, even the biggest designers don’t.”


Many people are calling Siriano a hero for stepping up to the plate, but the 30-year-old designer doesn’t feel like he made a grand gesture. In response to all the praise he wrote on Twitter, “It shouldn’t be exceptional to work with brilliant people just because they’re not sample size. Congrats aren’t in order, a change is.”


This isn’t a new issue in the fashion industry. Jones’ co-star Melissa McCarthy has also opened up about having difficulties getting designers to dress her for big red carpets like the Oscars. It’s a common problem, but designers like Siriano are slowly bringing about change. Siriano has also teamed up with Lane Bryant in the past, showing his ability to design for more than one body type. It’s so refreshing to see designers diversifying their portfolios. Maybe this will spark more designers to start thinking beyond the sample-size standard in fashion.


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8 Bloggers Share The Worst Things Commenters Have Said About Them

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It’s a phrase we’ve heard reiterated throughout our lifetimes, but sometimes, this mantra goes out the window-especially when computer screens are involved. That’s why Amazon Fashion Europe has asked eight online style influencers to share their stories with cyberbullying-and to inspire others to #SaySomethingNice.


“You basically can’t dress yourself.” “You look like you could fit three of you in that coat.” “You should be ashamed to wear underwear at your size.” These are just three of the many examples Amazon Fashion’s influencers shared when asked about their experiences with body shaming. Because these women post images showcasing their unique senses of style, they’re often targets for insults regarding their appearances-whether it be a criticism of their outfit or comment on their body type.


“I’m ready to go, just at the door,” blogger Hana Tajima shared. “And I’ll preempt those judgments and go and change into something that makes me feel more invisible-making me feel like I’ll fit in.” And while several of the influencers admitted to being guilty of making snap judgments as well, they want to encourage everyone to take a step back and think twice before dropping an insult. Because hurtful comments help no one-ultimately serving no purpose.


“Sadly, criticizing and ridiculing people for what they wear, known as ‘outfit shaming,’ is becoming more common with 55 percent of women feeling they have been judged on social media about their fashion choices,” Siobhan Mallen, Amazon Fashion Europe’s content director, told the Huffington Post. “Our #SaySomethingNice campaign aims to inspire all of us to challenge this behavior and to proactively champion everyone’s right to wear whatever makes them happy without fear of ridicule or negativity.”


Sounds like a good plan to us! There’s no reason anyone should feel ashamed of their body or sense of style. Let’s all make a concerted effort to #SaySomethingNice today-and every day.


Watch the campaign video below.




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I Spent 30 Minutes With A Bra Magician And She Made My DD Breasts Look Perky AF

Here’s the truth: You’re probably wearing the wrong bra size right now. And for something you put on every day, that’s an uncomfortable truth to accept. I own plenty of ill-fitting bras from shopping trips gone wrong. The straps fall down, the underwire bites into my rib cage, and the cups give me that double boob effect.


I’ve tried time and time again to find the right fit. But it seems like every time I head into a lingerie store, I’m a completely different size. Currently my lingerie drawer consists of C cups that I’m constantly spilling out of and a few E cups, which make my boobs droop down towards my belly button. Finally, I was fed up with constantly adjusting my bra in the middle of the day. So, I decided to visit another pro-the bra whisperer.


Iris Clarke has been featured in The New York Times and named one of the best bra fitters in NYC by Gothamist. In her little Brooklyn shop, she fits women from sizes AA to M (yes, M). I walked into Iris Lingerie with high expectations. There were hundreds of bras on display and even more tucked into clear drawers with letters scrawled across the front. But I didn’t have much time to browse before being ushered into a dressing room for a fitting (that’s what I really needed after all). 


Iris is a woman with a motherly aura-sweet but tough. There can be something so uncomfortable about taking your clothes off in front of a stranger. But knowing Iris has seen many women in the buff helps calm any nerves. She took one look at me in my 38E bra and declared it was the wrong size. And I got the scolding I expected. “You have to look good in your clothing,” she said. “Wherever you go, you have to look your best.” 


Iris disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared with the right fit-a 32DD. No tape measure required, and she barely even touched me. “After 30 years, I never measure. Just one shot, and it works!” Iris explained how a tape measure can give you a false read because it lays completely flat. It doesn’t account for the natural contours of the body. “Some people have a dent or curve in their back. And some women have a deep dent [between the breasts],” she said. “That affects the whole thing. I have to read the body and go get the bra.” Getting the perfect size in the back band is the most important step because that is where you get most of the support. 


The first bra Iris had me try on was a lacy plunge style by Passionata ($52, nordstrom.com). She put my arms through and asked me to bend over and shake. I looked a little confused at first, but I did as I was told. This is Clarke’s technique for getting the breast tissue in the cups just right. Every fitter I’ve been to has a different strategy. Some like to swoop, others like to lift. Clarke was all about the bend and shake. She then clasped the bra on the loosest hook. She explained that you always want to fit a new bra on the third clasp, and slowly work your way to the middle and tightest hooks as the bra stretches out over time. 


Once I was settled in Clarke’s first pick, I could already tell a difference. Iris explained that my 38 band was way too big because it was riding up between my shoulder blades, whereas the 32 sat low on my back. Surprisingly, the loss of six inches in the band didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. My breasts felt more secure. Next, she brought in a T-shirt bra by Fantasie ($74, nordstrom.com). Iris and I both agreed that this full-cup style was a better fit. The fact that my breasts are a bit uneven was a little more noticeable in the plunge, indicating that I needed more support. Note: Iris confirmed that every woman has one breast that is a little bigger than the other. It’s TOTALLY normal, and you always want to get a bra that fits the larger breast.


Finally, Iris requested that I put my dress back on to see the difference. Shocker: My boobs actually looked perky, which is something I never thought I’d say since my DDs tend to sag a bit. Iris told me that her goal is always to get the boobs up, if possible. Mission accomplished! My back felt a little straighter with the new bra on, and I had no fear that my nipples would pop out of the cups if I bent over to pick something up.  


After my visit to Iris Lingerie, I realized that purchasing the right bra is all about finding the right fit. And finding the right bra expert is just as important as getting a good hairdresser. You need a woman you can trust. Someone who will let you know that your breasts and a lace demi-cut bra are not compatible. Someone who will give you a lift once your boobs begin to fall due to gravity (yes, that really does happen). Someone who will support you just as much as the bra she recommends. My view on lingerie shopping has totally changed-and my 32DD breasts are much happier, too. 




Here’s what you need to know when you’re shopping for a bra:


1. Grab bras in a few sizes just in case. Keep in mind that different brands have completely different fit guidelines. Some brands make tighter back bands or longer straps. So, you need to know your equivalent or sister size. That way if your typical measurement doesn’t quite fit, you can try on the alternative. To find your sister size, go down in the band one measurement and up in the cup one letter-or vice versa. For example, a 32C could possibly fit a 30D or a 34B. 


2. Make sure the band sits low and snug. “When you have a band back that is nice and low and not going to heaven, you know you have the right size,” says Clarke. The band (which is measured by the number in the bra size) is too big if the clasp is creeping up between your shoulder blades. You’ll know the back band is too small if the bra is tough to close and cutting into your skin. You should be able to fit your finger between your back and the strap with only about an inch of stretch. 


3. If your size is J-M, opt for a bra with seams. If you do have a larger bust, Iris recommended looking for a bra with seams for more support. And if that isn’t working, look for a sports bra (her favorite is by Anita Active). 


4. If you can’t quite find the right combination, ask for alterations. Many lingerie retailers offer simple fixes like shortening the straps or trimming the back band for free or very low cost. “If the straps are long, and there is nowhere to adjust. I would take off an inch and a half to get a better lift,” said Clarke. Keep in mind your tailor will need to have expertise in working with the delicate construction and fabric of lingerie.


5. Try the bra on with a T-shirt to confirm the fit. The final step before you buy a bra is to test it out underneath clothing. If you’re planning to wear the bra with a particular dress or top, bring it with you to shop. Looking for an everyday bra? Wear a T-shirt to really make sure everything lays smooth and your nipples aren’t on display through the cups.


6. Get at least two bras to rotate. When I asked how long the bra should last, Iris explained it depends on how many bras you own. She recommended changing up your bra every other day. “Don’t wear the same bra for the whole week,” she said. “It’s good to change up so it doesn’t stretch out so fast, and get two bras to rotate.” In the best-case scenario, your lingerie collection would include at least four bras: a T-shirt bra, a strapless, one occasional, and one lacy. You also want to schedule a new fitting every six months. And you’ve probably heard you should hand wash your nice lingerie, right? Well, Iris said there is another way (hooray!). You can throw your undergarments in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, but you have to use a lingerie bag. “Only bra and panties go together-no sheets, no towels, no dresses, no jeans in the wash with it,” she warned.




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This Amazing Dad Got A Tattoo To Match His Son’s Scar From Cancer Surgery

Pediatric cancer is a life-changing ordeal for both a child and parent. Unfortunately, it’s an experience that Kansas father Josh Marshall, 28, had last year, when his six-year-old son Gabriel was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor. Marshall told BuzzFeed News that his son had surgery to remove the tumor, and, thankfully, Gabriel is now stable and off treatment. But the surgery left the now eight-year-old with a large scar on his head, and Marshall said it made the boy self-conscious. So the dad thought up a solution: He would shave his head and get a tattoo that looked just like Gabriel’s scar, so they could be in it together.


“I told him [Gabriel] if people wanted to stare, they could stare at both of us,” Marshall told BuzzFeed.


Marshall’s tattoo curves around his right ear, just like Gabriel’s, and it’s a beautiful tribute. This Father’s Day, Marshall shared a photo of him and his son showing off their matching “scars” to enter the St. Baldrick’s Foundation #BestBaldDad contest. The childhood cancer foundation raises money through head-shaving events, and it honors dads each year who shave their heads in support of their children. Marshall’s photo won the contest this year, with more than 5,000 votes. Now, his photo has gone viral across the Internet as people share the touching image and story. One Instagram post of the image has over 148,000 likes. 


Marshall told BuzzFeed that Gabriel likes the matching tattoo, and feels like it makes them “twins.” You can view the photo and Marshall’s thoughts on winning the #BestBaldDad contest below:




h/t BuzzFeed News




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Ariel Winter’s Cutout Graduation Party Dress Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Ariel Winter is officially finished with high school. A few weeks ago the Modern Family actress walked across the stage to accept her diploma. And on Sunday evening her family and friends hosted a spectacular party for the graduate. While we were obsessed with the black, white, and gold decorations at the affair, it was Winter’s fun, bold style that captured our attention.


On Monday Winter shared a picture from her party with her Instagram followers. In the image the Hollywood actress was beaming with joy, while wearing a jaw-dropping dress. The pink design featured a halter neckline with a midsection cutout that allowed her to show off major under cleavage. Her photo included a heart-warming caption that explained her gratitude for her family and friends who planned the celebration. She also gave a special shoutout to her father writing, “Dad…I love you!!! Thank you for always being there to support and love me and to always put a smile on my face no matter what :). I’m so grateful for the bond we now share.” 


This isn’t the first time that Winter has wowed us with her sultry style. A few weeks ago the 18-year-old actress showed off her senior prom dress. The body-hugging design was made out of lace and featured a sweetheart neckline that looked stunning on the star.


Winter has made it clear that she isn’t shy about showing off her figure. She’s proud of her beautiful curves and has been very vocal when it comes to her body. Earlier this year, she opened up about her breast reduction, and she explained why she’s not ashamed of her scars. It’s so refreshing to see such a young celebrity spreading an uplifting message of self love to the world. 


Scroll down to see how she stunned at her graduation party.


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Couldn’t be more grateful to @shanelle_gray & @davidbarrygray for throwing me the most amazing graduation party ever last night…the amount of love and support they’ve shown me for the past four years has been life changing. My sister is my absolute best friend and my everything… Thank you so much. I couldn’t be luckier or more grateful. I was in awe last night and I still am that you guys love me that much to do all of that for me…I never would be where I am today without you two…you guys saved me and taught me to be the person I am today. Dad…I love you!!! Thank you for always being there to support and love me as well and always put a smile on my face no matter what :). I’m so grateful for the bond we now share. Alenah the song you put together with Shanelle and recorded for me was one of the most special gifts I’ve ever received. I’m still tearing up thinking about it. Thank you for that and for your beautiful, special performance. Also a big thank you so much to Geraldine for putting it all together and to @contemporarycatering @robpauerful for the most amazing food! A special thank you as well to Sharon who is probably the biggest reason I was able to get through high school and accepted into college…you pushed me to always do my best and encouraged me…not to mention you were always there for my 1am freak outs about late projects :) Anddddd thank you SO MUCH to all of my amazing family members and friends that flew in to celebrate with us- you guys are the absolute best. Thank you also to the ones who didn’t have to fly in…so much love was felt all around last night. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! Class of 2016… #uclabound


A photo posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on Jun 19, 2016 at 11:57pm PDT




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Actress Holland Roden Explains Why Being A Redhead Is Totally Awesome

You might recognize Holland Roden from her role on MTV’s supernatural series Teen Wolf. Oh, and she is also a Hollywood rarity-a redhead. In comparison to the bevy of blondes and brunettes, there are few actresses known for red hair besides Isla Fisher, Sophie Turner, Amy Adams, and Emma Stone. And at a recent event with Simple Skincare, the 29-year-old actress told us all about her adventures growing up with red hair. “Being a redhead is a niche department,” she told SELF in a one-on-one interview. “Don’t try to blend in because you’re not going to. Just own it.”


But she didn’t always embrace her own fiery, auburn mane. As a teenager, she tried out a few blonde pieces (it was the ’90s, after all, the era of chunky hair color). “It was a full head of highlights, but I thought, ‘Highlights isn’t dying your hair.’ All you want to do as a kid is blend in, and all you want to do as an adult is stand apart in the crowd.” And in Hollywood, being different has paid off for Holland. She doesn’t mind being the only redhead in a movie-it’s her thing. 


And when it comes to her skin, she keeps a strict low-fuss regimen: a cleanser like Simple Skincare Hydrating Cleansing Oil (in stores this July), a SPF moisturizer, Chapstick, an eye cream, and a pimple cream the occasional whitehead breakout (what she calls “family reunions on your face”). She might occasionally add a few pumps of serum to her moisturizer-if she’s feeling fancy.


As far as makeup, Holland wears as little product as possible when she’s not on set. Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer ($70, nordstrom.com), Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint ($40, birchbox.com), and Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour in Canyon ($26, lauramercier.com) are three of her everyday essentials. She also goes for a lash curler over a tube of mascara. And when we asked about her red-carpet beauty philosophy: “When the hair is off my neck and out of my face and I don’t have to touch up the lipstick, those are my favorite red-carpet moments,” she says. That translates to pants over skirts, updos over waves, and a nude lip over a high-maintenance red. For Holland, it’s practical beauty above all else. 


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Snapchat Just Announced A Pretty Depressing Change

It looks like Snapchat is going the way of Instagram, Facebook, and basically every other social media platform: they’re set to begin introducing third-party advertisements in between your friends’ stories. As reported by AdWeek, you can skip these ads – and they won’t be in stories themselves – but they will appear as you go from one story to the next. And they’re unavoidable.


The Verge explains that the ads will be full-screen and full-sound, and will be designed by third-party agencies. Up until now, Snapchat itself has been the only one able to post ads, but now advertisers will be able to choose how to customize their own messages. For example, some advertisements might send users to a longer video when they swipe up, others may direct users to a new website or article, and some may ask users to install another app.


Snapchat says it will vet each ad to maintain quality, but we’re a bit skeptical. There will also be changes on the business side of the company in order to serve these ad developers. This sounds like the end of a a very special ad-free era of the popular app.


Originally written by Kathryn Amey, Teen Vogue


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