This Amazing Dad Got A Tattoo To Match His Son’s Scar From Cancer Surgery

Pediatric cancer is a life-changing ordeal for both a child and parent. Unfortunately, it’s an experience that Kansas father Josh Marshall, 28, had last year, when his six-year-old son Gabriel was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor. Marshall told BuzzFeed News that his son had surgery to remove the tumor, and, thankfully, Gabriel is now stable and off treatment. But the surgery left the now eight-year-old with a large scar on his head, and Marshall said it made the boy self-conscious. So the dad thought up a solution: He would shave his head and get a tattoo that looked just like Gabriel’s scar, so they could be in it together.


“I told him [Gabriel] if people wanted to stare, they could stare at both of us,” Marshall told BuzzFeed.


Marshall’s tattoo curves around his right ear, just like Gabriel’s, and it’s a beautiful tribute. This Father’s Day, Marshall shared a photo of him and his son showing off their matching “scars” to enter the St. Baldrick’s Foundation #BestBaldDad contest. The childhood cancer foundation raises money through head-shaving events, and it honors dads each year who shave their heads in support of their children. Marshall’s photo won the contest this year, with more than 5,000 votes. Now, his photo has gone viral across the Internet as people share the touching image and story. One Instagram post of the image has over 148,000 likes. 


Marshall told BuzzFeed that Gabriel likes the matching tattoo, and feels like it makes them “twins.” You can view the photo and Marshall’s thoughts on winning the #BestBaldDad contest below:


h/t BuzzFeed News




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