We Have A Lot Of Questions About This Spa Inside A Burger King In Finland



Restel via facebook.com


Fast food is stepping up its game. Chains that used to be little more than an occasional guilty pleasure (or a quick fix for a serious hangover) are now doing whatever it takes to get foot traffic. And that can involve some pretty insane gimmicks. Because if you thought KFC’s edible nail polish was crazy, wait until you see the fully functioning spa inside this Finland Burger King. 


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Located in Helsinki, this BK is the epitome of a high-brow and low-brow destination. The spa-which was installed by the Finnish hospitality company Restelis equipped with some very fancy amenities. There’s a 15-person sauna with a full entertainment system (composed of a 48″ flatscreen TV and a Playstation 4), a locker and shower room, and a media lounge with another, larger, 55″ flatscreen TV. Apparently the only things that go better with a Whopper and a good sweat are two giant television sets. 


But don’t go thinking entry is included with your order of chicken fries. First We Feast reports that just three hours in the spa will cost you $280. Which is an awful lot of time and money to spend at Burger King. However, I will admit these amenities do look awfully sparkly. 


Before I hop on the next plane to Helsinki and shill out a couple hundred dollars to hang at this joint, a couple questions: Are we allowed to eat in the spa, and, if yes, can I enjoy a burger inside the actual sauna? Restel’s website states that food can be consumed in either the restaurant or the spa. So yes, you can chow down on a Whopper while sweating your sorrows away. If you prefer to stick with something healthy, however, Burger King’s veggie burger is registered dietitian-approved


Take a look at all the insane photos.




Restel via facebook.com




Restel via facebook.com




Restel via facebook.com


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