This 56-Year-Old Model Showed Off Her ‘Sexy, Rounded Tummy’ In A Lingerie Photo Shoot

Nicola Griffin is filling a hole in the modeling industry. The 56-year-old already stunned in an ad in Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue, and now she’s pushing the body positivity conversation even further. The model just appeared in a sexy lingerie shoot for SLiNK magazine, where she showed off her gorgeous gray hair and self-proclaimed “sexy, rounded tummy.”


Griffin began modeling several years ago, after her children “flew the nest.” The model was recruited by haircare company White Hot Hair because of her beautiful silver locks, and she continued her career from there. Her big break came earlier this year when Swimsuits For All featured her in an advertisement that ran in Sports Illustrated‘s iconic Swimsuit Issue. And since then, she’s become a symbol of body positivity for curvy women and older women, alike.




SLiNK / Roberto Aguilar


Her newest endeavor, a lingerie shoot for the UK magazine SLiNK, is no exception. Griffin looks as stunning as ever, celebrating her figure in comfortable, elegant lingerie. This shoot, like the one she did for Swimsuits For All, sends the message that anyone can look and feel sexy in lingerie-regardless of age or appearance. “I have a big tummy, but I gave birth to two 7-pound babies at the same time,” Griffin told The Telegraph. “It is not a flat stomach, it is rounded. This is me. It has not been [altered], and I have not gone on a diet. This is how a beautiful woman should, can, and does look.”


SLiNK Editor-in-Chief Rivkie Baum said her team actually caught wind of Griffin before the Sports Illustrated hype, just after she was signed to MiLK Model Management. It was then they wanted to work with her and display her beauty in a way that was as unapologetic as possible. “For SLiNK, passion is more than skin deep,” Baum tells SELF. “Having read lots of interviews from Nicky post-Sports Illustrated, I think she really summed up the message we wanted to get across … There seems to be a consensus-especially in media-that women start to become invisible, not just above a size 10, but above age 50 too. Nicky is defying all those odds, and her passion to represent made her a perfect choice.”




SLiNK / Roberto Aguilar


And Griffin is just excited to have the opportunity to show women-like her 21-year-old daughters-that everyone is beautiful. “This seems to be my moment, and I’m really happy,” the model told SLiNK. “Life definitely begins over 50.”




SLiNK / Roberto Aguilar




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