40 Celebrity Snapchats You Need To Start Following

Bored of your Snapchat feed? It happens. Luckily, plenty of your favorite brands and celebs have set their Snapchat profiles to public, giving you an even deeper glance into their day-to-day lives. Find out what Gigi Hadid’s favorite midnight snack is, and be there for every Rihanna selfie. All it takes is a couple clicks. What are you waiting for?


1. Rihanna: @Rihanna


2. Zendaya: Zendaya_96


3. Jessica Alba: @JessicaMAlba


4. Ashley Benson: @Benzo33


5. Brooke Burke: @BrookeBurke123







6. Sophia Bush: @SophiaBushSnaps


7. Ellen DeGeneres: @Ellen 


8. Cara Delevingne: @CaraDevilQueen


9. Jenna Dewan Tatum: @JennaLDewan 


10. Hilary Duff: @OhHeyHilary 





Sophia Bush


11. Lady Gaga: @LadyGaga


12. Selena Gomez: @SelenaGomez 


13. Ariana Grande: @MoonlightBae 


14. Bella Hadid: @BabyBels777 


15. Gigi Hadid: @ItsGigiHadid 





Lady Gaga


16. Chelsea Handler: @ChelseaHandler


17. Calvin Harris: @CalvinHarris 


18. Kevin Hart: @LilSwag79 


19. Julianne Hough: @JuJuCaroo 


20. Vanessa Hudgens: @GypsyBanessa 





Chelsea Handler


21. Kate Hudson: @KHudSnaps 


22. Nick Jonas: @JickNonas 


23. Miranda Kerr: @MirandaKerr


24. DJ Khaled: @DJKhaled305 


25. John Legend: @John Legend 





Nick Jonas


26. Eva Longoria: @RealEvaLongoria 


27. Jennifer Lopez: @JLoBTS 


28. Demi Lovato: @TheDDLovato 


29. John Mayer: @JohnTheKangaroo 


30. Christina Milian: @CMilianOfficial 





Demi Lovato


31. Shay Mitchell: @OfficialShayM 


32. Chris Pratt: @ChrisPrattSnap 


33. Nicole Richie: @ItsNikkiFresh 


34. Ruby Rose: @RubyRose


35. Ryan Seacrest: @RyanSeacrest 





Nicole Richie


36. Gwen Stefani: @ItsGwenStefani 


37. Chrissy Teigen: @ChrissyTeigen 


38. Meghan Trainor: @MTrainor22 


39. Rebel Wilson: @RebelWilsonSnap 


40. Reese Witherspoon: @SnapsByReese





Meghan Trainor


41. SELF: @SELFmagazine


Happy snapping!




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