6 Veggies You Can Easily Regrow From Scraps


Getty / Thossaphon


Anyone can regrow these six veggies. No dirt or green thumb required—just read these tips from PureWow below.


So, technically, you can regrow any of your produce—with, like, potting soil and irrigation and everything. But what are we, farmers? That’s why we were excited to learn that some veggies are actually super easy to regrow right in your kitchen from dinner scraps. No dirt necessary—just a glass, some water, and sunshine. Here, six veggies you don’t have to toss. 


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1. Green Onions


All you need are some green onion roots (the white parts) that didn’t make it into your nacho dip. Arrange them, roots down, in a glass or mason jar and fill with water until covered. In a week, you’ll have a bounty of your favorite garnish. Just make sure to change the water every couple of days so no grossness ensues.


2. Lemongrass


Whether you use it to protect against mosquito bites or to add that perfect Thai accent to a dish, lemongrass is great to have around. To regrow from scraps, chop off any part of the foliage, place stalks in a couple inches of water and leave in a sunny spot. Like the onions, you should replace the water every couple of days and you’ll have new leaves in a week.


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