The 5-Move Workout To Do When You’re Angry As Hell


Mad AF? Step away from the ring and into your mind. Rupa Mehta, the founder of The Nalini Method, has your bad-mood workout ready, and it’s got nothing to do with kicking the you-know-what out of a punching bag. In fact, you can do this simple, equipment-free routine at home.


In her new book, The Nalini Method: 7 Workouts for 7 Moods, Mehta gives a series of 25-minute workouts tailored to how you’re feeling, whether you’re anxious, energetic, or straight-up happy. No surprise, anger might be the most challenging and movement-based of them all. The aim isn’t to completely eradicate the anger, but to acknowledge it. “The goal is to be able to channel and own that mood,” she tells SELF.


Mehta recommends starting with a kindergarten throwback by narrowing down your mood. Are you jealous? Irritated? Bitter? Hangry? (OK, that last one’s not in the book.) “If you can name it, you can tame it,” she says. Then, rate it on a scale of one to ten and tap into her anger mantra: The solution is born before the problem. To use the mantra, “take all that energy that’s focused on the problem or the source of your anger, and refocus it on discovering a solution or outlet for your anger.”


This mindset can be put towards any workout, but when you’re feeling frustrated, check out this mini circuit that Mehta created for SELF. Repeat the entire sequence two to three times without resting in between sets. Tack it on to your usual routine, or quickly move through it when you’re too pissed to do, well, anything else.


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