5 Common Vegetarian-Friendly Protein Powders Explained


This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of SELF.


These vegetarian-friendly powders are everywhere. Find your match using the quick primer on the most common options below–then add it to your favorite smoothie creation for a supercharged dose of protein.


1. Hemp


The oil from hemp seeds is removed. Then the dried stuff is ground into powder. The result contains fiber and is high in omega-3 fatty acids.


Protein: 11 g per serving


2. Soy


This powder comes from soybeans, which contain all nine essential amino acids. Soy is often a GMO, so it’s best to go with an organic blend.


Protein: 18 g per serving


3. Rice


In this powder, enzymes are used to separate carbs from protein. It’s unlikely to trigger allergies but tends to be a little chalky.


Protein: 19 g per serving


4. Pea


This powder comes from yellow split peas. It’s easily digestible but a bit lower in amino acids than other powders.


Protein: 22 g per serving


5. Whey


Proteins in cow’s milk are isolated, dried and made into powder. Just read the label and choose an unsweetened version. (Many flavored blends have added sugar.)


Protein: 24 g per serving


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