10 Types of Singles, And What Makes Each Ridiculously Awesome

“Dating has changed so much” seems to be the general consensus by those of us who grew up watching Disney romances. Sure, the way we talk to people in general is vastly different than the way our parents and grandparents did, but this is not to say dating has ever been “easy” or “done correctly.” Terms like “hanky panky” have fallen to the wayside (Thank God) to make room for rituals like “Netflix ‘n’ chill.” (See, you guys? People have NEVER been great at finding a nice way of saying, “Hi. Please come over and kiss me all over my body and preferably make me a snack afterwards. Thanks so much!!!”)

The one facet of the romance game that unfortunately never seems to change is the fact that single people are often lumped together. Untrue cliches abound: They’re all desperate or insecure. They don’t put themselves out there—or worse, they think they’re Beyoncé. They’re too cocky. They’re anti-love. Whatever the myth of the moment is, all single humans seem to fall into this collective group that makes them (and others) view their singlehood as a negative.

Breaking: No two single people are the same. However, every single person does in fact have a superpower that makes them great. Here’s a field guide to help you understand the different types of us you may encounter on our valiant quest for true love, a fun fling, and/or tacos. (Warning: the most successful unions usually involve all three.)

1. The Wallflower

The perks of being a wallflower can seem few and far between when you’re single. Your romantic wiles aren’t always conversational, but that’s totally fine—scene stealing can be an unattractive trait to some folks anyway.

Your superpower: Listening. You offer a compassionate ear to friends and lovers—and have amazing things to say when you find someone you feel comfortable talking to in-depth.


Warner Bros. / via Tumblr

2. The Busy Bee

“Busy” has become an easy fix for people who don’t want to spend time with other people. But guess what, world? There are in fact people out there who are legitimately busy. Maybe it’s a particularly demanding gig or graduate program, but when you’re a busy bee, the reason you’re usually up all night doesn’t always make for super compelling locker room talk.

Your superpower: Understanding. Whatever relationship you have with someone, you’re totally flexible in terms of how much face time is reasonable. (Also, you are a kind soul to whom cancelled plans aren’t a dealbreaker. In fact, they may even turn you on a little.)

3. The Adventurer

Nope, you don’t need to find yourself—you’re right damn here. However, you are fully enjoying the solo status. You’re looking for a good time, and you sure as hell know that can come in the form of a fling or not.

Your superpower: Confidence. Your “totally down” personality means you’ve likely experienced a lot while still remaining open to trying new things. You invite others outside of their comfort zones while pushing yours to the limit.

4. The Cynic

You distributing flowers and chocolates would be like Jessica Jones selling Girl Scout cookies. To you, romance is waste of energy, money, and time, and even your favorite friend couple can’t change your mind on that front.

Your superpower: Honesty. Cynics are usually pretty blunt, uncovering what not everyone wants to see. You speak your mind because you are a fierce protector of your own heart—and the hearts of the ones you love (ew).


Fox / via Tumblr

5. The Flirt

You are a friendly, flirtatious catch, and you are damn sick of people telling you so: aunts, family friends, even your over-the-counter buds at your go-to coffee shop. Why can’t Tom Hardy feel the same way? A lot of times, awesome folks like you don’t get asked out, as people either a.) think they’re taken or b.) think they’re out of their league. Think that’s unfair? It kind of is—but think of the people who you consider to be “catches.” Would you ask THEM out?

Your superpower: Lovable imperfection. There are always flaws beyond the Instagram filters, and some lucky human gets to be let in on those delightful secrets of yours.

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